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You look Lovely, dear

One sleepless night (no doubt due the AMAZING Stumptown roast with a shot of blackberry syrup (mmmm) that I completely evaporated hours earlier, and the fact that my tolerance for a good cup of joe is not as strong as my desire for it)  it occurred to me that I had been wandering aimlessly into this dark abyss of a lackluster, uninspired life, all because I was trying too hard to be what it seemed everyone around me had deemed acceptable.  I was no longer connected to my previous brand, and I realized that I never truly was to begin with – Either I had to truly follow my dreams, or I had to give it up, and I wasn’t going to let that happen.

There will always be people waiting on the sidelines, ready to devour your hopes, magnify your fears, and  judge you until your ideas completely disintegrate.  Just realize that being yourself, all of yourself,  means forgetting about those people and focus on attracting the ones that get you. Once you do, you can finally move forward (because, hey, you’re pretty friggin’ awesome).

The last tidbit of the story :

The last few days Erik and I were visiting Portland, we stumbled upon an adorable boutique shop called Redux , and I fell madly in love with the work of one of a local artist that was being displayed and sold in the store. Every time I would pick an item up, the piece belonged to her collection.  The lines, colors, endearing characters and sense of humor attracted me (that and the fact that it felt like every illustrated couple looked like me and Erik), so I contacted the incredibly talented Brooke Weeber  of  The Little Canoe , to create the sweetest little mascot you ever did see,  and of course she delivered.

This is how You Look Lovely, Dear was born. The simple realization that I needed to be true to myself, my passions, and my tastes, while realizing that not everyone is going to think I’m the bee’s knees, but the ones who will are completely worth it.


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